Are you struggling with performance or audition anxiety? Are you struggling to connect with your character on stage or in the story you are writing? Is writer’s block keeping you from writing the novel or screenplay within you? Have you practiced that song a hundred times but the same note keeps eluding you? Or maybe you know something is off in your performance or creative desire, but you’re just not sure what it is?

Creative Artist Performance Therapy can help!

Whether you are an actor, actress, singer, dancer, writer, director, screenwriter, author, songwriter, composer, painter, producer, sculptor, designer, or creative artist within any form of artistic expression, Creative Artist Performance Therapy can help you find, deepen, expand, explore, and enhance your creative expression.

I can help take the creative energy that is already within you and what you already know and practice as an artist and bring it to an expanded expression and creative ability that is just waiting to emerge!

My techniques get you into your character or art like no other creative art performance technique available today.

Experiencing it is believing.

So, if you are about to give the audition of your life on stage or in the studio, or are dying to beat writer’s block to finish that novel or screenplay, or need to connect with your character to give an Oscar worthy performance, or just want to expand your creative passion and art to a whole new level, then contact David today to find out how Creative Artist Performance Therapy can help you expand your creative abilities and dreams!

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(P.S.  I can work with you wherever you may be in the world.)

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