Welcome to the FREE Trust After Betrayal Online Workshop: Rebuilding Trust After Sexual, Emotional, Relational, Financial, and Addiction Betrayal. 

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My name is David H. Wever and I am so glad that you took the courageous step to begin this workshop. This free online workshop contains over 23 hours of my teaching on rebuilding trust after infidelity or intimate betrayal in a marriage or romantic relationship. Intimate Betrayal includes sexual betrayal, emotional betrayal, financial betrayal, relational betrayal, addiction betrayal, and physical abuse betrayal. The 9 video lessons are equivalent to about 6 months of therapy or coaching. It is a culmination of my work with individuals and couples over the last 21 years. This workshop is for both the betraying partner and the betrayed partner. I encourage you to go through each lesson in order as each lesson builds upon the previous one. You can go through the workshop with your partner or by yourself depending on what works best for you.

The material can raise a lot of questions or the need for further help on your healing journey. I offer psychotherapy or relationship coaching to help you continue your journey wherever you may live in the world via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime. I also offer in-person intensives for full disclosure that I talk about in Lesson Seven and for trauma and attachment wound healing that I discuss in Lessons Four and Six. Please contact me to inquire about cost and availability for therapy or relationship coaching.

If you know of anyone who would benefit from the Trust After Betrayal Workshop, please tell them about it. You can always find the workshop and this index of the lessons @ www.Rebuild.TrustAfterBetrayal.com

Thank you for being here and i hope you are encouraged, challenged, and impacted by this workshop. Take care 🙂

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Lesson One: Understanding the Intimate Betrayal Wound

Lesson Two: Living Out 100% Ownership of the Intimate Betrayal

Lesson Three: Defeating Defensiveness Through Forbearance

Lesson Four: The Heart and Soul of Rebuilding Trust: Understanding Attachment, Emotions, and Reassurance

Lesson Five: The Crucial Infrastructure to Rebuilding Trust: Structure, Self-care, and Safeguards

Lesson Six: Understanding Yourself and One Another in Brokenness

Lesson Seven: From False Intimacy to True Intimacy Through Full and Ongoing Disclosure

Lesson Eight: A Continued Vision for Rebuilding Trust Towards True Intimacy

Bonus Lesson: Restoring Sexual Intimacy After Intimate Betrayal

My hope is you will find guidance as well as valuable tools to truly allow for healing to occur within your relationship and individual hearts. This workshop at one time was only available for a fee, but now it is free. I believed that the need for this information was so great that i felt moved to offer it on a donation basis.

If you are helped or moved by the content of this workshop before, during, or after you complete it, please consider donating to help keep the workshop accessible to anyone in need of restoring and rebuilding trust after intimate betrayal.

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